1969 Chevy Chevelle SS 396 convertible with cragar wheels! Painted Hugger orange with Black painted stripes, Flocked carpet and full detailed interior!

​Hand built motor with paint to match Valve covers!

Custom Diecast Replicas was born in 2003, specializing exclusively in modifying off-the-shelf diecast models. CDR was the first company in the diecast industry to do the following modifications to a diecast car: cut a roof off  and create a convertible, create a custom hood from scratch,create a convertible from a diecast fastback, create a sedan from a convertible and CDR was the first Company to create a concept car in diecast for the retail market. Jon Wood has been an artist in sculpture and fine art for many years and decided in to apply his own talents and creative touches to the diecast industry. His skills have been developed to the point that he can make  almost any replica, even those once thought impossible. Only here at CDR can see some of those modifications!

100% Herbie custom built turbo motor , racing cage and interior.

​2008 snakeskin Viper  custom Hood!



2015 Ferrari 12 Berlinetta pair! Custom built with leather interior!

​only two in existence!

This 56 Ford seen below is 100% stock but is the only 1956 Sunliner hardtop made in diecast.

This restomod Camaro had a complete motor build LS1 Turbo setup!

This car pictured above is the first 1972 Satillite Sebring created in diecast. This car had numerous body modifications including , custom hood, door panels and rear bumper.