Depending on your needs,from something as simple as adding a vinyl top, tire and wheel  
swaps, creating a year car that 
is not produced, adding stripes, doing engine swaps, making custom hoods, interior repaints, conversions from automatics to four speed and visa versa, we can probably handle it. CDR can turn almost any car into a convertible and  convertibles into a hardtop. We start each project with a NEW car  and use the finest 1/18 scale diecast cars available when creating a replica. CDR uses only PPG Basecoat/Clearcoat paint for the most 
professional finish available.  CDR uses only automotive interior paints for all interior color changes.  The possibilities are endless!   


     The standard cost of just a repaint depends on the starter car, we can provide if needed. The average project including the car and all the most common work ordered runs about $550.00. But depending on what is needed, some can be as inexpensive as $50.00 or can run as high as $2000.00. 

Estimated Completion Time

     The average repaint project takes approximately 8-12 weeks to complete.  The more detailed 
and customized cars take several months to a year based on the time of year the projects are needed
and Christmas being the 
busiest season.  CDR supplies each customer with a work order /contract 
that includes the information about what we are doing to create your replica and what CDR is 
charging you for.  Upon completion CDR will email pictures of your completed replica to you for 

How to get started

     Please email pictures of the real vehicle you want replicated to this email address. . Please include the Make, Model and year as well as 
your name and daytime phone so we can accurately quote your project.
You are also welcome to call daily 8-4 MST. Again you will need to forward pictures to 

get an exact price quote.